Yonggungsa Temple

One of the most beautiful temples here in Busan is the Yunggungsa Temple. I really wanted to surprise Adam with a day trip to some new place. So, I sneakily wrote down the directions (see the post it) but my totally thoughtless self went to take a picture of Adam and well, needless to say he saw the post it and I ruined the surprise and we had a good laugh. (I am really bad at keeping surprises a secret, so we had just been talking about how good I was doing when the post it appeared.

Anyway, when you get off the 181 bus, you have to hike up a beautiful road full of green grass and tour busses. Then, you basically get in line and follow the crowd toward the temple. This is the line to get to the temple. The weekends are packed with Koreans and tourists alike wanting to get close to the cliffside temple.

Up through the temple are some amazing statues and buildings. My favorite was this large golden buddha. I won’t get all spiritual on you, but I will say that I would happily pray to or look up to this buddha for strength. He exudes happiness.

You can make a wish across the bridge and possibly get your coin into a pot about 100 feet away. We did not make it in the pot :(

To me, the best part of the temple is the sea view.  We packed a picnic lunch and sat on the rocks, in the sun. We people watched and relaxed for a few hours.

It is a great way to spend a nice afternoon. We were also told that the restaurant at the base of the temple where the bus drops you off is very famous and serves “delicious” food. So, if you are up for that, you can also join the masses in the really long line trying to get in for some grub.

Have you been to the temple? What did you think?

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Nicole       &         Adam