Yoga & Children

This is my 8th session at JY Books. I have taught Art 1-4, and for the challenge of creating a new curriculum I started teaching Yoga & Art. My resources came from Musical Yoga Adventures, ABC Yoga for Kids, and some wonderful friends who are also teaching yoga in their hagwons.

In 11 weeks, we alternate between yoga and art.

First I would pick a routine from the Musical Yoga cd, like Autumn Tree. Then a letter from the alphabet that we could associate with it, example T for Tree pose. Next, find a storybook in the library talking about Autumn and the leaves changing colors. The procedures for the class look like this.

We sit in a circle and begin with some songs. [Name, name what's you name. My name is ______ ]. Next we warm up for 10 minutes, focus on face, hands, neck, and legs. Read story, discuss vocabulary and concepts for 10 minutes. Routine for 10 minutes. Cool down for 5 minutes. Finish with the letter and pose, plus a handout for home. Class time is 40 minutes.

The children absolutely love Yoga class! It’s something active and very different from sitting at their desks studying. Korea kids are diligent and study more than 8 hours a day, all ages. Yoga gives them some relaxation, and it seems that they feel more comfortable speaking during class.