Yet another Konglish post

Presenting even more Konglish to feast your eyes on:

Well, Happy Virus to you TOO! Not sure if the staff are infected or just inviting people with viruses in... Seen in Samcheong-dong, near Insa-dong.

So jeans have power, huh? That might explain why so many of the brand names cost so much...

Mmm... and you taste like chicken.

No, please don't... I wear that coat all the time...

No idea what 'xozu' is, but that 'plum brandy' doesn't sound half bad. Seen near Sinnonhyeon Station.

Are there monkeys working at a screen printing shop?

Or are the monkeys working at a bag shop?

Hey, at least they're honest - seen at a health center / pool / hagwon.

Huh? Not even the red permanent marker wants to take this one on.

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