Yesterday was a fun and interesting day. I started the day by...

Yesterday was a fun and interesting day. I started the day by showing my friends where I teach. Students have class every other Saturday beginning with the first weekend of the month, but apparently not today. We went to an almost empty school, but fortunately there were some students. I gave my friends a tour of the school and the “English room” where I teach. After the tour, we played soccer with the kids and we flew some kites. My friends were surprised how modern each classroom was because they had a 50+ plasma TV. After touring the school we made our way to Pusan National University (PNU) to play basketball with my friend, who was visiting Busan that day, and had lunch with my girlfriend.

We made our way to Pusan National University (PNU) to play some basketball. The vicinity around PNU is filled with shops, restaurants and pubs. If you’re ever in Busan, PNU is definitely one of the places to do your shopping, especially if you’re a woman. If you’re a big guy like me then you are going to have a difficult time finding clothes and shoes that fit you.

The basketball courts are just outside the university and about three blocks north of the PNU subway station. My friend came down from the boonies north of Busan and he decided to play a game or two. However, he wished he was just watching from the sideline because about an hour into the game he seriously injured his left knee. It was a terrible sight! He was in so much pain. I didn’t see what happened, but from what I can recall he just buckled as he passed the ball just underneath the basket. One of the guys we were playing with called the ambulance and arrived after 15-20 minutes.

My friends played one more game while I took pictures. We then ate some Korean food called chicken galbi. The food was delicious and what was great was that it only cost $6 each for a table of four. After lunch, my girlfriend helped Sam with his shopping. Let’s just say that someone back in Toronto will be very happy, I hope. So that was it. Sam and I called it a day and decided to head back home while Francis checks out a very popular hot springs in Oncheonjong. Today, we’re heading to church and watching a professional soccer game at 3:00pm. It’s definitely going to be a very long day!