Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

It's my first time to see Cherry Blossom flower aka Sakura, and boy, was I late! By the time I woke up, all of my friends were waiting for me at the lobby's apartment!

Now my outfit is not perfect without bright accessories for spring. :(

Anyway, the one that we went was in Yeoudo.
There a lot of Sakura's around Seoul and Korea, but we chose Yeoudo because:-
1. There's festival - performance, food, lots of people watching
2. It's the nearest, in Seoul!

And guess what, among all other important thing, I forget my camera.
Also, to make matter worse, my handphone battery wasn't in full bar.
Can you believe it?!
Do enjoy pictures from my limited handphone camera.

My first Cherry Blossom

There. Were. A. Lot. Of. People.

How much I love picnic on Spring time

More Cherry Blossom

Andy and Bekka

Performer gave a special pose just for all of our reader

More Flowers


him and his love (man utd.)

Me and Sakura.

Anyway, when I was choosing sakura flowers from the tree branch, an old Korean Old Man suddenly snapped my shoulder - with a paper! Then he scolded me in Korean language. I was puzzled.

Another korean man explained, do not touch, or break the flowers from the branch.
Confused and puzzle until now, as there are many people who took or break the flowers from the tree too.
Uhhmm.. maybe the one I held was a huge one. Hehe..

Cute Dogs

Forget to bring a camera? 5000won (USD 5) for piece of memory.

More photo booth

Potrait Drawing Photos

Traditional Performance

Facilities - Toilet

What I love about Korea - Free Gifts!


What I wear :-
Sweater : Deepny
(Inspired from Isabel Marant Sweater)
Dress : H&M
Shoes : Clark
Legging : GMarket
Sling Bag : Primark 

This festival is still on going until 19 April 2011, the best is at night where sakuras are being illuminated wih special lighting.
Not to forget, great performance.

To go:
15-min. walk from Exit #4 of Dangsan Station (Subway Line 2)
20 –min. walk from Exit #1 - #3 of Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5)
25-min. walk from Exit #1 of Yeouido Station (Subway Line 5)