Yellow Dust Cloud of Doom

Ok maybe it isn't that bad, but sheesh sure does look like it. As you add on the hours using the option in the top of the KMA website, you can see the dust making it's way here.

As it makes its way over sea it sort of get's less concentrated...

But then look, there is a huge red swath right over the whole of what looks like Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. I got the news of this from JH and then headed over to the KMA website to see for myself. For sure something is on it's way and it doesn't look pretty. I think the worst of it is to come tonight so if you plan on going out expect to end up breathing in a desert. 
Precautions: Close your windows tonight. Invest in some masks for tomorrow morning. Have water on hand to hydrate you if you breathe it in. Don't be surprised if come Monday you have a sinus headache and a sore throat.
Otherwise, I am going to keep my eye on the data map and hope some wind blows more north.