Xylitol Rainbow Gum in Korea

Have you seen the new flavor of Xylitol gum in Korea? It’s RAINBOW!

Xylitol gum is one of the major types of gum here in Korea, almost everyone has a green plastic jar of it at home or in the car. Little old ladies sell packs of it for money in the subway as well, yeah those green gum packs you always happen to see.  Xylitol not only the brand name, it is actually the name for a sugar alcohol sweetener with dental protection properties that is often used as a sugar substitute in Korea and Japan, although it originated from Finland. The gum normally has a minty and slight apple sweet taste to it, but the flavor does wear off a little soon for me!  Over the years they have introduced a pink variation to the normal gum, but I never saw THAT many choices until I spotted this awesome rainbow pack!

The travel rainbow pack comes in a plastic slide case and has two of each flavor

The flavors listed are Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Soda, Blueberry, and Grape!  Each gum has about 5 calories ♥

You can kind of taste each flavor, but it still overwhelmingly has that distinctive Xylitol taste that you either love or hate.  I find it refreshing, but you cant chew it for super long or it starts to make your mouth taste nasty once the flavor is gone.

The travel pack was stupid expensive, maybe 3,000 won for 14 pieces~  but thankfully I found a larger (and cheaper) bag of it at E-mart recently!!

Now I keep these in my candy dish on the coffee table if someone wants a piece!  Super cute ♥  I’ll buy this over the plain old gum from now on!


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