Xenophobia in the ESL?

Let me give you a direct link to Adam R Carr‘s blog.

This is my little addition to his work.

The School Directors.

One step beyond the recruiters are the Hagwon owners. Hagwon owners are ultimately the ones that have this decision, and thus culpability, on their shoulders. If anyone is refusing non-white teachers, it has to be them, right?

As it turns out, this is where it gets a little murky. For some perspective on this point of view, I sat down with English speaking Hagwon owner and blogger Wangjangnim to gain some insight into possible origins of these hiring ‘preferences’.

CTDWangjangnim, has your hiring practice ever included race in its criteria?
WJN: My hiring process does not include a selection based on race. Regulations only allow for a limited pool of hires from a global perspective. English as a native speaker
.CTD: Are you ever encouraged by other factors to hire based on race?
WJN: Mothers will make their preferences known in no unclear way. Children do not make a distinction, apart from those where family has influenced a racist view of the world.
CTD: Have you ever received pressure or ridicule as the result of hiring non-white teachers?
WJN:. Every single time I have hired a non-caucasian or anyone older than 30, questions were raised by parents, even though I myself was older than 30 when I started my school.

CTD: Do you feel that this sort of criteria for hiring teachers is in any way justifiable as there is a certain look that is prevalent within the industry (such as pretty young women serving at upscale restaurants in Western society), or do you feel that it is an unnecessary and racist ‘quirk’ that unnecessarily restricts the job market and reflects poorly on Korea?

WJN:. The only thing (imho) that should matter is the overall presentation of the self. If a person cannot abide by some sense of responsibility in regards to their surroundings, one will question their “fit” very fast.

From a business perspective, hiring beautiful people makes more sense. There are certainly aspects that make certain “looks” more appealing in a teaching environment. It is society which makes claims in what is considered more beautiful.