Wolhyang (월향)


Name: Wolhyang (월향)

Location: Hongdae

Reviewed by: Mama Julia & Mama Wangmin on 20th April, 2013

Thoughts: Wolhyang has long been recommended to us as a reputable place for quality makgeolli with a casual atmosphere. It boasts an extensive makgeolli menu, including a selection of their own brews. It is always bustling and has a young vibe. There is also another location opened in Itaewon.
Wolhyang Interior


Service: **

Style: ***

Ambience: ***



Kimchi Tangsuyuk (묵은지 탕수육): **


Wolhyang Level 1 (월향 1단계): *** (sweet, medium bodied, clean, light)

Wolhyang Wonju 15% (월향 원주)) **** (strong, thick, dusty, alcoholic)

Wolhyang is a popular and busy makgeolli bar with a fast-food-like atmosphere. There are two separate bars for smoking and non-smoking which makes for a more comfortable experience for non-smokers. The makgeolli selection is impressive, and the highlight is being able to try different levels of fermentation.

What We liked : The Wolhyang Makgeolli. Wolhyang wonjuMost makgeolli bars serve bottled makgeolli from various breweries, but Wolhyang also brews their own and offer different stages of the fermentation process. The wonju is thick and strong, and has a high alcohol content. Mama Wangmin said “It’s better than drinking soju”.

What we didn’t like: The service. We felt that the service at Wolhyang was a bit abrupt and it gave the bar a rushed atmosphere.Wolhyang TangsuyukWe were also not overly impressed by the food, as it was overpriced for what we got. However, we only ordered one dish so there may be more gems on the menu we missed.

Recommendation: Wolhyang is a good place to try different kinds of strong makgeolli. It’s not really a place to sit back and relax, but more of a eat, drink, and move on kind of bar. It’s a great place to start off a fun night.

How to get there: Come out of Hongdae Station (Line 2) exit 8 and walk towards the roundabout. Turn left at the roundabout and follow the road until you pass a number of meat restaurants. Turn right at the corner and follow the street up towards Coffee Prince. Wolhyang is on the second floor on the right hand side of the street.

Wolhyang Ooutside


Address: 서울 마포구 서교동 335-4번지 2층 (02 332 9202)

Map Here

Links: Wolhyang has been featured in CNN Travel as one of the five best bars in Seoul

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