Winter with Milk the kitty

For those of you new to my blog, this is my Kitten “Milk” that came into my life early this Spring ^^ He is a doll-faced persian and has his own facebook HERE, but I spam photos of him from time to time on my main site as well… I cant help it lol!

♥ ♥ ♥

Since winter is here and Milk has grown a TON, I thought it was high time to share a few new photos with everyone~

He is almost full-size I would say now, and his thick adult coat has grown-in at last!

For a while he was looking de-poofed and Nara and I got a little bummed because we missed how fluff-tastic he was as a baby…. but sure enough it came back!  He is for sure a Persian now haha.  It is hard to look back on photos of how sick he was as a kitten nowadays…his Cerebellar Hypoplasia is doing ok, it kind of is what it is~ we are just happy he is healthy aside from the poor balance!

I have two other cats (Nara keeps wanting more, I swear!) and raising Milk with his CH is not much different, it just requires a little bit of extra time and consideration for his disability~ extra rugs on the floor, a ramp to help him get on the bed, and a little box with high walls so he can lean if he needs to! I would not trade him for anything in the world though~ he is my little baby!

Hope you enjoy the new pics of poofy Milk from the last two months ^^ he is so grown up now!!

 With his hoodie rolled down the ears look like wings!

Because of Milk’s CH he falls a lot and gets pretty dirty sometimes… having long white hair does not help the situation haha!  Every so often he needs a good bath~ hopefully in a few more months he will get better at grooming himself :P He looks so tiny when his hair is wet hahahaha

Nara brought him home another new fluffy jacket since the apartment is getting so cold!

napping on my tummy!

The blue fluffy jacket is his favorite! He falls asleep so quickly when I put it on him hehe

This is the edge of the bed next to where I work ^^ if it is late he tends to fall asleep right on the edge and wait for me to come to bed. His jacket did not stay in place very well that night haha

Bye bye for now~

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