Wierd Teaching Hours? Try Freelancing Online

I Should’ve Posted This Earlier
Working as an instructor in Korea means some strange hours. For teachers at schools, you may end early. For teachers at hagwons, you generally start late. For business English instructors, there are the normal blocks of times (early morning, lunch, after work) when you teach. Maybe you need some extra money (who doesn’t).

Freelancer.com Isn’t a Scam: I’ve Used It Myself
You should check out www.freelancer.com. Its like a global Craigslist for part-time jobs that can be done from a remote location. You bid as a freelancer for a particular job. You agree to terms, and are paid via PayPal. Simple as that. I had to have some data-entry work done, I posted the job on Freelancer.com, someone from another country (Philippines) bid on it, that person finished the work, and I paid that person via PayPal after I confirmed that the work had been completed. I didn’t have the time, and someone else had the exact skills necessary to take documents, etc and do the work that I required. Voila.

Flexible Hours, Different Skills, Extra Pocket Money: Perfect
Of course, there are those that really need serious outsourcing for serious work. However, given the huge variety of instructors in Korea who have very different backgrounds, Freelancer.com is a viable alternative because the part-time work on projects can work within your schedule. You will be stunned at the different types of jobs that are available on the site. Article-writing (no, not on the Seoul Gyopo Guide) to computer programming, small jobs to huge jobs, it makes total sense why Freelancer.com exists. It is one of those niche services that a person should wonder “why the %*&^ didn’t I think of creating that?”