When your friends leave Korea

Well, it happened.  Much earlier than I had anticipated, way earlier than I'd hoped, and so much earlier than I'm ready to understand.  It was bound to happen.  I had read many articles about it.  Most foreigner friends don't plan on staying in Korea for more than a couple of years, if that.  I just didn't expect my closest friend in Busan (in my neighbourhood, no less) to be leaving for good in 5 days.

So this (^^^) was my first my reaction when my confidante, cheerleader, and co-captain told me she was THINKING of leaving.  I can completely understand.  I won't go into detail on Hagwon horror stories, but I do encourage you to look them up if you're thinking of teaching here.  The Facebook groups are also a good way to see the dark side of working here.  I've been REALLY lucky and am really happy, but that's not always the case.  Vet your recruiter and the employer thoroughly before your arrival.

(This is how all of Hwammy feels about your news, by the way...)

My sad food isn't even good.  I went and got pasta (my go-to when I'm upset).  Tortellini isn't a thing here (too much expensive beef or cheese, I suppose) so I settled for "Cream Chicken Pasta".  I think the chicken may, in fact, have been creamed because the pieces were TINY.  The sauce was pathetic.  I tossed it in Pepper, Chili Flakes, and Frank's Red Hot to make it palatable.  

I don't know if I'll feel this way when each friend finishes their contract and leaves, but if it doesn't get easier then this is going to be a brutal run.

I'll miss you.

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