What do Vegans Eat? – Another 7 days of Vegan Treats

Another 7 days of Vegan Treats

The first post that documented my meals for a week was so popular, I had to do it again. This past week has involved a lot of delicious meals and a lot of dining out as I’ve been on ‘vacation at home’. WARNING: View these pictures with a full stomach or risk monster sounds coming from your tummy.

Starting off with a healthy breakfast of banana and apple slices with a fresh glass of orange juice (about 2 oranges worth).

Hot and super spicy Thai green curry with brown rice for lunch. This was packed with veggies from the fridge that we had to use up; like potatoes, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, onion, garlic, peppers (chilli and bell peppers) and chick peas. Very very satisfying.

Potluck love for dinner. This was my first plate…. and below were the dishes I could  choose from.

Vegan lasagna, brushetta, naan and garlic sauce, tandoori cauliflower, scalloped potatoes, salad and cheesy kale. Bliss!

If you’re like me and addicted to shredded coconut you’ll find ways to incorporate it into every meal. I could eat it straight from the bag with a spoon, but that’s not an attractive picture, so I’ve found more civilised ways to feed my additcition. Fresh Fruit liberally covered in coconut.

Roasted veggie salad for lunch, left-over from our potluck.

Homemade vegan pizzafor dinner. It’s a treat, we don’t eat this way often but sometimes you simply must enjoy olives and sun-dried tomatoes with a 1970′s zombie flick (Dawn of the Dead original)

No breakfast!!! I got up so late and knew I was meeting friends for lunch at Kim Mee Ja - Vegan Buffet so skipped breakfast in favour of much more lunch.

Plate #1 of my yummy buffet lunch. I only took a picture of the first plate, there were more. The faux meat was delicious and crispy. The sushi with ginger and wasabi blew my mind. Hot soup too with homemade rye bread.

If the crust of this pie looks tempting, wait till you see the inside. Curried vegetable pie with a buttery browned crust. A generous squirt of tomato sauce is recommended.

For breakfast I had my usual marmite on toast. Marmite (similar to vegemite) is a staple part of a Kiwi childhood.

On to Lunch: Steamed veggies with homemade basil pesto and hummus, mushroom fried in olive oil & garlic, and warm potatoes with a little salt. 

Hot Wintery stew with vegetable and faux meat in a vegetable broth for dinner.

Very berry delicious smoothie for breakfast.. with a sprinkle of crushed walnuts. I drank these almost every morning during my juice fast -saved my life. This is really as exciting as my breakfasts get, so I’l spare you the repetition.

What’s for lunch? French Fries!!! I’m not normally a chip junky but I’ve been running a ton lately and needed the carb overload.

Dinner, and time for something a little healthier. I altered one of my favourite stew recipes to include some red lentils. In place of the spinach I used kale and let it simmer for much longer than normal so as to have a strong rich broth. A perfect Winter dinner.

Loving Hut in Haeundae for lunch with my co-workers. They eat meat. But they loved the vegan menu and atmosphere here. And take a look at my plate. The vegetables were grilled to perfection and as my love for mushrooms continues, I was in heaven.

Few things are better than a hot pinto bean chilli with corn chips. This dish is popular with both carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

This is an extreme close-up of a divine vegetable and tofu curry. I eat so many curries nowadays I hardly recall the names of them all so let’s say this was a ‘medium curry with coconut milk and al dente vegetables’.

This was our dinner at Loving Hut in Haeundae. Yes, I had to return to try the mushroom and peanut pasta (below). It was very more-ish. Served as a cold dish, I was happy to drink the complementary miso by the cupful and pick from a shared salad to get my veggie full. Dave had the crumbed and fried ‘steak’ with brown rice and vegetables (above). It was similar to dong-kass, a Korean favourite. I wasn’t a fan of the white sauce on top, but it was easy to scrap off. P.S all their food is organic too.

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