Weekend Bingeing

Over the weekend I finally let myself go out and enjoy the bounty of summer. Being cooped up indoors ruthlessly studying did little for my positive outlook and even less for my backside. So I enlisted the help of some good friends to assist in all the eating and drinking I’d missed. This meant I finally tried the raved about vegan sushi roll from Sushi Berry.

Sushi Berry Vegan 2

The avocado was perfectly ripe and the roll excellently executed and seasoned. A cabbage side salad and wasabi were the perfect companions to this surprisingly light meal.

Sushi Berry Very

Next I was inspired to create my own magic. The plan was to attend a “Gaming Console Marathon Extravaganza”, the kind the 90′s would be jealous of. Having stretched my thumbs and decided which neon outfit to wear (orange of course), I needed to prepare a dish. With a little expert help from Aliens Day Out, I made some cinnamon pull apart bread which went down a treat.

cinnamon pull-apart bread 3

cinnamon pull-apart bread 2

Crunchy and buttery, sweet and spicy, this cinnamon bread was so moreish you’d think  nothing could make your day better. Alas, the gluttony continued at Benekong. Take a look at this cajun chicken salad and tell me you could turn that down.

Benekong Vegan Meal 2

I hope you had a blissful weekend too, to be followed by a fabulous week!

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