A Week in Photos #5



May 11- I got a chance to travel for an over night trip to a pension in the mountain of Unju (운주산). About 20 boys came on the trip, they horsed around and waited for pizza and fried chicken to come. I was super excited about it and then realized I had the same taste in food as 14 year old boys. Niiiice. 

While I waited around, I watched an interesting documentary on the Gettysburg address. Rather odd to be watching this on a random mountain in Korea. Also, it was creepy how everyone in the documentary was a real person except Lincoln. He was digitally animated…and it kinda freaked me out. 

Taro bubble tea! It exists here! I loooooove this stuff, it is so freaken good. If you have never tried it..you are missing out!


Awesome art made by college students. 

A difficult word to translate, the closest I could think of is “Laaaaaaame”. A slang word young people use aaaall the time.

Like I said, this show has been made on blood, sweat and tears. While preparing for a dress rehearsal, I decided to yank off the price tag of a new piece of costume I bought. Little did I know the tag was attached with a safety pin. Oh the irony. I realized it when it hooked my finger in. The agony, oh the agony. 

Nothing like the nice warm night air and a walk through a dark alley to make you appreciate life here in Korea. It is just so peaceful.

My students made sandwiches for Home Ec and gave me one. A teacher asked me which did I prefer: American sandwiches or Korean sandwiches. I said American…. all this mayo they put on their sandwiches here gets to be a bit too much after a while. 

Flowers from my friends because of Closer