Wear Korean traditional dress Hanbok and become a princess!

Hanbok is Korea’s traditional dress which is mainly derived from the Joseon Dynasty era. One of our Trazer, Jaebin H went to visit Goguan Studio with her friend to try out Hanbok and take pictures at the most traditional setting.

Let’s see what it was like to dress up like a Joseon Princess!

I went to Goguan studio where you can wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) with my Taiwanese friend. As far as I know, there are three branches in Seoul, and the one I’ve tried was located in Insadong (and the other two are in Myeong-dong and Hongdae).

To get there, you have to get off the subway at Subway line 1 Jonggak station, and find exit 3.

IMG_3136 IMG_3141

After you go out the exit, go straight until you see the intersection. And turn left at the intersection.


Go straight again.


And you will find the place like this.

IMG_3149 IMG_3150

After you get in, you have to change into slippers.


It costs 20,000 won per person for taking photo by yourself. (You can get 2,000 won or $2 discount on Trazy) If you pay more you can also have your photo taken by a professional photographer and have your hair and make-up done also.

We did the one we take photo by ourselves.

First you have to choose which Hanbok you want to wear. There are so many choices like over 300 from traditional wedding costumes to king and queen costumes. These are the basic ones we chose from called “Chima jeogori” which is a skirt and jacket.

An assistant will help you wear the clothes. After you finish wearing it, you will choose one of the headbands you like. If you are all set, you can start taking pictures freely at the studio.



The place perfectly recreates the traditional surroundings of Korea. It’s also equipped with a variety of traditional items that you can actually use when taking pictures, such as fans, swords, musical instruments, hats, and etc. There are a lot of selfie sticks for those who take pictures on their own.

IMG_3223 IMG_3185 IMG_3169

There might be other people taking pictures at the same time, so you have to wait for taking a picture at the spot you want sometimes.

There are also several beautiful wall paintings on the way to the fitting room. You can enjoy traditional tea and calligraphy experience for free too, but sadly we missed it. ;(

This place is very nice for experiencing what Korea actually was like in the past. Every detail makes the place more traditional. What’s so good about this place is that you don’t have any time limit, so you can take pictures as long as you want.

In fact the place is not that big, and it has only about 3~4 spots, but still I can be pretty sure that you will get very satisfying pictures just like I took for my friend. Also it would be nicer if you experience it with somebody else, especially with your partner so that you can wear something like traditional wedding costumes or become a king and queen.

If you want something of higher quality, I recommend you get the Raku package to have more choices of costumes to choose from and receive make-up and get your hair done, and also photo taken by a professional photographer!

If you want to fully experience Korea, I recommend this place. My Taiwanese friend was very satisfied ;)


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