A Visit to Suwon's Toilet House

 Believe it or not, just under five miles from our apartment lies the toilet house better known as Mr. Toilet House (Haewoojae).  It was built in 2007 by Sim Jae-Duck who was passionate about toilets and everyone's right to use a clean toilet.  He was the founder of the World Toilet Association.  He was also a mayor of Suwon where the toilet house is located.

 This is what you will see as you approach the street that the toilet house is on.

                                                 This is the entrance of the toilet house.

 Mr. Sim died in 2009 just two years after moving into his toilet house which he used as his own home.

                                                   This is a bust of Sim Jae-Duck.


 They are planning on adding these gardens by next year we were told.  We had a guide that introduced us to the house and allowed us to explore at our leisure.

 Here is the man himself and the actual toilet that he used.  It was in the center of the house.

 It reminded me of a spaceage room with rounded corners and nothing pointy.

                                                           Oooo, I wanted want of these.

                         He even had a child urinal for his grandchildren.  He really thought of everything.



 This was his living room and kitchen when he was still alive.  They just made it one open space now.

 Here is the toilet the I spoke of previously.  He would sit in here for hours reading we were told.  The door could be shaded with the touch of a button when in use.

                                                     Lots of funny restroom signs.

                                                     I had never seen these in Korea

                                                     But have seen these all the time.


 We were allowed to go onto the roof.  It was sooo bright out and we were temporarily blinded.  It's been such a rainy summer that we aren't use to sunlight.

                                           As I looked down, I saw some weeding going on.

                                                              Some of his personal effects.

 They took our picture to add to the wall of visitors.  I took pictures of a couple cute ones.

                                                         How about that for a legacy!

                                                            Rocketman with Sim Jae-Duck.

 I still wanted one and guess what!!!

I got one!! They have a donation box but are in no way pushy.  She gave me this for no charge.  Admission is free and I would have paid to see it.  It was fantastic.  Rocketman wasn't too thrilled about going at first but he enjoyed it as much as I did.  You can get more information on it here.

Here is a video I shot inside the house: