[Video] For the Second Time in 10 Days, Dog is Leashed to Car and Dragged Around Town


Sometimes, you just wish certain people would remove themselves to some far off place away from the rest of us. Such a case is this.

On April 22nd a man was given a dog by their friend. The dog stepped in dog crap, so he didn’t want to put the dog in the car. Instead the driver tied it to the bumper and put it in the trunk. Fearing that the dog might suffocate the driver left the trunk open –apparently he wasn’t evil, just stupid. Sadly, the dog jumped out and was dragged to death on the freeway.

Here is the video that caused an outpour of anger by Korean netizens. I warn you, it is not a pretty sight



The police investigated and cleared the driver of malfeasance saying there was no criminal intent. While manslaughter is against the law, the negligent killing of a dog, apparently, is not.

Singer and animal rights activist Lee Hyori joined protesters and angrily lashed out at the driver on Twitter. In a bizarre twist, the driver, now cleared of charges is threatening to sue Lee Hyori for “defamation of character.”

And when it seemed to be settling into a spot on the back burner and hopefully stricter legislation, this past Monday in Busan, another gem of human evolution steps up to the plate to take a crack at utter stupidity and hits a grand slam.

Another dog is tied to the bumper and dragged around town.



Police are currently investigating.

Koreabang, a great website that translates Korean netizen comments, had one in particular that might indicate what will happen to idiot dog-dragger number two who, judging by the photo, must have SURELY seen the dog in the side view mirror.

김범석 (Kim Beom-Seok) wrote:

In a country where if you sexually assault a child, you only get 3years and 6 months…… do you think they will care about animal protection….we still have a long way to go…………….

Hopefully not as long as those poor dogs did tied to the back of their owner’s cars.