An Ultimate Guide to the Garden of Morning Calm

As it was named after an old nickname for Korea – The Land of Morning Calm, the Garden of Morning Calm well captures the country’s natural and elegant beauty of mountains, waters, and traditional architecture in a harmonious way.

The garden is located north of Seoul in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province and it usually takes about 2 hours to get there by car. While some visit the garden by car or public transportation, many travelers use package tours that include visits to nearby destinations such as Nami Island, Petite France, Gangchon Rail Bike and Strawberry Farm.

The Garden of Morning Calm is also known as a filming location for the popular TV series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds“, starring Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung.아침고요_본문02_드라마

Four Seasons of the Garden of Morning Calm

아침고요_본문03_헤더축소The garden dresses up in different colors every season as Korea has distinctive four seasons, and leaves and flowers that you see differ each season. Every season brings a different festival in the garden so it is always worth visiting, even multiple times.

1. Spring

As the warm sunlight thaws the frozen land, water starts streaming and birds singing again. The garden features various spring flowers such as cherry blossom, forsythia, Japanese apricot, azalea, and magnolia. 2.

★ Spring event: Wild Flower Exhibition and Spring Festival

★ Weather: In spring, while it is pleasantly warm during the day, mornings and evenings can be quite chilly. Wear in layers and bring a lightweight jacket so that you can adjust according to the temperature.

2. Summer

아침고요_본문05As the weather gets hotter, the garden becomes verdant boasting its lush trees with leafy branches. Also, different flowers bloom at different times of the season, for example, iris, hydrangea, and rose of Sharon in June, July, and mid-July to August, respectively.

★ Summer event: Iris Festival, Hydrangea Festival and Exhibition, Rose of Sharn Festival and Exhibition

★ Weather: Korea’s summer is humid and you may encounter summer showers. Check out the weather forecast before you go out for outdoor activities. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you.

3. Autumn

아침고요_본문06In autumn, the garden offers breathtaking scenery of fall foliage. The blue sky and yellow and red leaves make a picturesque contrast of autumn colors, and autumn flowers add their fragrance to this scenic view in the garden.

★ Autumn event: Wild chrysanthemum Exhibition, Chrysanthemum Exhibition, and Maple Festival

★ Weather: Autumn’s gentle breeze with the clear blue sky will make a perfect day for outdoor activities. Our recommendation for clothing is the same as the one for spring. Bring a jacket for chilly mornings and nights.

4. Winter

아침고요_본문07In winter, snow sits on the trees, bushes, and small paths in the garden. The white snow garden, however, turns into a world of glittering illuminations making this fairyland-like garden even more marvelous and romantic.

아침고요_겨울콜라주★ Winter event: Lighting Festival (from December to March)

★ Weather: The sun sets early and the temperature falls below 0-degree celsius in winter. It might be even colder especially in places surrounded by mountains like the Garden of Morning Calm. Keep yourself warm with thick clothes, winter boots, and gloves.

Where & What to See in the Garden of Morning Calm

The garden is spread out on a 30,000m² land which is not too big for you to quickly look around the whole compound. But don’t just take photos in a hurry and leave for your next destination. This place really is to grasp and enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of nature. However, for those who have limited time, we have picked 5 must-see spots in the garden.

*Click to view the map in big size.

5 Must-see Spots in the Garden of Morning Calm

아침고요_본문08_고향집정원Hometown Garden (marked as 5 in the map): A very typical Korean thatched cottage is surrounded by trees and plants that Korean people love to plant near their houses.

아침고요_본문09_무궁화동산Rose of Sharon Garden (8): This garden is filled with more than 200 kinds of Roses of Sharon, the national flower of Korea.아침고요_본문10_천년향Millennium Juniper (16): This elegant juniper has lived for a thousand years.

아침고요_본문12_서화연2Pond Garden (22): The pavilion, the pond, and trees form a scenic view that changes every season.

아침고요_본문11_침엽수정원Conifer Garden (31): The garden is filled with more than 20 kinds of evergreen trees and the miniature rail is loved by children.

How to Go to the Garden of Morning Calm from Seoul

1. By Public Transportation

  • Travel Time: 2.5-3 hours or more
  • Route
    • Subway / ITX train ▶ Cheongpyeong Station ▶ Local Bus / Taxi / Gapyeong City Tour Bus ▶ The Garden of Morning Calm
    • Bus ▶ Chenongpyeong Terminal ▶ Local Bus / Gapyeong City Tour Bus ▶ The Garden of Morning Calm
  • Why take public transportation?
    • Cost less
    • Not limited to scheduled time of departure

2. By Tour Including Nearby Destinations

  • Route & Travel Time: Vary by tour
  • Why book a tour?

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