The Ultimate Guide To 5 Low Cost Airlines in South Korea

Are you looking for cheap flight tickets from/to South Korea? Well then, we’ve listed all the low cost airlines in South Korea that offer both domestic and international services. So, check them out! Compare and save on South Korean airline tickets!

1. Jeju Air다운로드 (2)

Jeju Air is a representative and the most fastest growing airline in Korea. Currently, it is operating not only the most busiest route, Gimpo-Jeju, but also more than 20 major routes in Asia,such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Guam, including other domestic routes.

company_visualSee Jeju Air’s website for more details, click here.a_main_trazy_20160119(en)Plus, the model who is representing Jeju Air is Kim Soo Hyun, a popular Korean actor!

Right now, this airline is offering 71% discount for passengers who purchase Cebu/Manila-Seoul flight tickets. Moreover, you can get 10% off on any tour packages or activities on, which is South Korea’s #1 online travel guide. So, take a look at the image below:JEJU AIR PROMO

It’s also offering the same deal to the passengers from/to Thailand, so check this one out, too! Click the image to see the details. ;)JEJU AIR PROMO 2

2. Jin AirLJ

The next low cost airline is called Jin Air, which also offers both domestic and international flights. It operates more than 15 routes international routes to major Asian cities, including Bangkok, Cebu, Hong Kong, Guam, and etc.

다운로드See Jin Air’s website for more details, click here.

And Jin Air is also well known for its delicious in-flight meals! So, try it if you have a chance. ;)

3. Air Busan다운로드 (1)

Air Busan first launched its flight departing Busan (the second largest city in South Korea, and a port city as well), and eventually expanded routes and now operate our fourteen domestic and international routes.

Speaking of its logo, it is designed as an image of a seagull and its wings that look like a sea wave and a sky, all of which represent the image of Busan very well. To add, Air Busan boasts the largest width or space between the airline seats!

다운로드 (1)See Air Busan’s website for more details, click here.

Right now, Air Busan is offering a transportation gift card and a discount coupon book for travelers  purchasing flight ticket for Busan. So, if you’re planning a trip to Busan, don’t miss out on this opportunity. ;)
form_english (1)

4. Eastar Jet다운로드

The fourth low cost airline in South Korea is Eastar Jet, which is currently operating services at regional destinations such as Gimpo, Gunsan, and Cheongju.

Like the color of its logo, the uniforms are also in red violet, which you’ll find them very pretty!

images (1)See Busan Air’s website for more details, click here.

Check out this video from Eastar Jet on how to exercise before taking off. ;)

5. T’waylogo

Lastly, it’s T’way. This low cost airline operates 6 international routes from Gimpo and Incheon to Bangkok, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Saga, Taipei, and Jinan in China.

다운로드 (2)See Busan Air’s website for more details, click here.

Also, T’way offer special in-flight services to provide entertainment to the passengers. For example, there’s an in-flight announcement service, where you can send a message of love to your loved ones. Once your message is sent, the crew will make an in-flight announcement of your message.

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