[Twelve] Soccer in Korea :)

Dear readers,

Sorry it's been so long! I have been caught up in traveling, working and hanging out with family and friends in Korea! It's been amazing. I can't share all of my experiences, but let me share with you some of the highlights. The first highlight was going to a FC Seoul (FC 서울) soccer game.

Korean soccer fans sure know how to cheer!

It was raining that day--as you can see not many Jeon-Nam 전남(Yellowz) fans came out that day

Several times during the match, a professional cheering squad came out and led the cheers. I don't if you can see them!

Lee Chung Yong (이청용) who was part of the Korean national football team this year came for a visit to the FC Seoul match. Lee is currently part of the Bolton Wanderers Football Club

There he is under the umbrella

He gave out soccer balls to fans :)
모두들 건강하세요~
Take care everyone!

Stay tuned for the next blog entry about Korea :)