Tumblr THIS, Signed theirreverentseoul

Enough is Enough: Tumblr Be Damned
Why do the blog authors on Tumblr seem to have more fun than us old, staid, traditional folk on WordPress? Have you ever read the K-blogs on tumblr? Largely unfiltered and raw: I am crazed with jealousy, as this blog has been focused on other matters. Anyways, coming up soon will be this section, which will require a password, and full of stuff that really, really, cannot go on a mainstream blog. In other words, I won’t be using the backspace button much, if at all.

What There Will Be
Information about parts of Seoul, my restaurant/food reviews (mostly criticisms), K-Pop, K-Drama, travel around the world, etc. There are nice, pretty K-blogs of pictures of food, statues and temples; this section will have none of that. Zero, zilch. Go to AlltheKoreaBlogs.com and have at it, if that is what you desire.

Don’t Tell Mommy
For those that live in Seoul, Don’t Tell Mommy can be found on trucks driving around the city. It is the name of a nightclub. No, I have never been, so don’t ask me questions. Pretty clever really. Fits here also. Send me an email to thelostseoul [at] seoulgyopoguide [dot] com, and I will send you the password when the section is up and running. Any moment now. No 어머님, you aren’t getting a password.