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Cookin’ gives off Good Vibes! – The New York Times

Hello, travelers to South Korea! Greetings from a member of Trazy crew! :)

Today, I would like to introduce you a great Koreans musical performance, Cookin’ NANTA Show for those who are looking for a fun and unique performance show to watch with your friends and family in Seoul, South Korea. Attracting more than 11.12 million viewers worldwide it is, indeed, a great show in South Korea!4To tell you briefly, NANTA is a fun, high-energy Korean musical performance combining the Korean traditional music ‘Samulnori’ with acrobatic cooking and dance. And if you decide to watch this show, I can guarantee you that you made a great choice! (Two thumbs up from me!) ;)NANTA (14)Plus, NANTA’s production company not only runs the performance show in Korea, but also in many other countries and cities. So, if you come across this show in other country than South Korea, you should grab the opportunity and watch it! FYI, it launched its second Chinese tour on March 8, 2016, and the show will run in various regions in China until May 26.
nantaHere’s the booking page for NANTA! And the ticket is available, there are three NANTA theaters in Seoul where you can enjoy this great performance- Myeongdong, Chungjeongro, Hongdae (I watched the show at Myeongdong). For each theater’s direction, click here.

Now, let me show and tell you how this NANTA show was (promise to be 100% honest)! ;)IMG_3320Here I am standing right outside the theater! You an find this street banner (it’s easy to spot don’t worry) in front of the Myeongdong NANTA Theater building.IMG_3322There are two ways (stairs/elevator) to get to the theater, but I took the stairs. Let’s go!IMG_3323Here’s the schedule for Myeongdong NANTA Theater!IMG_3325And here’s the poster of all the performers under NANTA production company. I bet after watching the show, you’ll be checking out this poster again to see who the performers were. ;)IMG_3327This is NANTA’s main poster. Can you feel the vibes?!IMG_3331This is the ticket booth on-site where you only have to show Trazy’s mobile voucher to the staff and exchange it to a real ticket. IMG_3356Here’s the photo of the ticket. My seat was No. 6 in Row S on the first floor!
IMG_3346A locker that you can keep your belongings and valuable things safely! Nice.
IMG_3340A photo zone where you and your friends or family can become a chef!IMG_3342Wow, a gift shop! From T-shirts, mugs to little statues of chefs, take a look around and see if there’s anything you like. IMG_3343How about a gift or souvenir afterward? ;)IMG_3348There’s a small cafe where you can buy snacks and drinks (but let’s not eat or drink inside the theater when the show begins!).IMG_3350Look how cool the entrance door is decorated with these kitchen utensils from pans, lids to grills and many more (haha)!IMG_3353And check out how cute the staff uniform is! The fork, spoon and knife…Perfectly matches with the show!IMG_3338This is the bulletin board where you can see the lineup of performers of the day. My team was Green (I can say they were really talented and funny, too)!
IMG_3354Here’s the seating chart. Plus, I was told that the theater is big enough to handle 386 people.IMG_3334This is how the view of the stage is from the second floor. Now let’s head downstairs to the first floor before the show begins!IMG_3363As I mentioned above, my seat was No. 6 in Row S on the first floor, which is a little bit left from the center of the section.
IMG_3357Go ahead and check out NANTA’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ if you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ Trazy’s awesome Facebook page as well! ;)IMG_3359REMEMBER. Taking photos or videos are not allowed during the performance (including myself)! That’s why you must go and see for yourself!NANTA (12)Basically, the show takes the form of an episode of 4 cooks having to prepare food for a wedding reception in time. In their process of cooking, the cooks make amazing music beats with all kinds of different kitchen utensils including kitchen knives, pots and pans!
IMG_3366While the explosive drum beat and rhythms were making my shoulders up and down, the vegetables and dishes were flying in the air! That’s why the stage got kind of messy, but you can feel the vibes just by looking at this photo, right? ;)IMG_3368


Overall, this show is full of excitement and humor and I highly recommend to those who have never seen a Korean performance show before! The show is very interactive, too. From time to time during the show, the audience had an opportunity to engage in the performance. Not only it seemed fun for them to actually participate and perform (it would be an unforgettable experience), but it was fun for the other audience to watch them as well. Plus, there’s a surprise event in the end so look forward to it as well! And because I couldn’t take a photo of the actual show, you must come and see for yourself how vibrant and entertaining NANTA show is! Grab your tickets now! The ticket is available here.button31
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