Top 7 Jeonju Hanok Village’s Street Food (that you shouldn’t miss)

Jeonju, located in Jeollabukdo province, is one of best cities to visit because of the well preserved Hanok Village.

Jeonju Hanok Village is the biggest Hanok village in Korea. There are over 800 traditional Korean Hanok houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Jeonju Hanok Village  retains its historical charms and traditions.

The city Jeonju is known for Bibmbap (mixed rice with vegetables and meat) and it’s not so surprising that you can easily find famous and various types of street food at Jeonju Hanok Village, because of the street food attraction, recently Jeonju Hanok Village became one of the most frequently visited cities in Korea not only by foreigners but also by Koreans.

There are several most loved street foods in Jeonju Hanok Village, which are difficult to find in Seoul.

If you have a plan to go to Jeonju Hanok Village, don’t miss these yummy street food!

1. Gilgoria Baguette (3800 KRW)


This baguette is very popular and became viral through the social channels in Korea. It is basically a hollow-out baguette bread filled with some tomato puree, cheese, some frozen peas and carrot.

2. Macaroon Ice cream (2000 KRW)


A pretty popular combination is dark chocolate ice cream with orange macaron.

3. Meatball Skewer (3500 KRW)


One of the best street food in Jeonju Hanok Village! It is well marinated, huge and juicy. The sour cream made it even better!

4. Octopus Skewer (3000 KRW)


This can be quite interesting food for foreigners, but if you can handle the taste of octopus it just becomes super delicious! The sauce with dried bonito goes well with the octopus.

5. Shrimp Dumplings (2000 KRW)


Dumplings are always delicious but shrimp dumplings are more delicious!

6. Grilled Cheese Skewer (3000 KRW)


Another street food worth trying at Jeonju Hanok Village is grilled cheese skewer. The cheese is made of skim milk. It is grilled to golden brown, then served with yogurt sauce.

7. Home-made Choco Pie (2000 KRW)


Jeonju’s famous bakery PNB Poong Nyeon Bakery (which is also one of Korea’s top 5 bakeries) offers home-made choco pie.

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