Top 20 things you must do in Seoul!

Because every part of Seoul is so appealing, you may be confused of what to do and where to go if it’s your first time in Seoul. Here are our expert recommendation for your bucket list of travelling Seoul. From popular and hip places to hidden local spots, you will visit the must-go places and have unforgettable experiences if you finish all the things mentioned below. Now, let’s hit the road~~~~!

1. Feel the sublime Korea through a palace tour

Old palaces from the Josun dynasty display the traditional beauty of Korea, showing how long the Korean history has been. (It’s almost 5,000 years!) There are 4 major palaces in Seoul – Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung, Changgyeonggung. Especially Changdeokgung is designated as a World heritage site by UNESCO and renowned for its beautiful garden. Also, you can rent a Korean traditional cloth –Hanbok – near the old palaces. Why don’t you walk the path that ancient Koreans walked by becoming a princess or a prince from the Josun dynasty? Do you like to visit the old palaces? Click here! Do you like to rent the Hanbok? Click here!


2. Romantic night view from Namsan Mountain

Namsan Mountain, especially N Seoul Tower on the top of the mountain, is a recommended spot for foreigners. You can have the overview of Seoul in any direction at the towel’s observatory. The night view of Seoul from N Seoul Tower is romantically beautiful. Especially, bridges over the black Hanriver at night shine like diamond bracelets. If you bring your lover to the N Seoul Tower, visit a spot where you can install a lock, wishing an eternal love.


3. Try fresh raw fish in Noryangjin fish market

If you want to see the liveliness of the local people in Seoul, Noryangjin fish market will show more than what you can imagine. You will also be surprised to see so many fish and other marine creatures in one place. Owners in the Noryangjin fish market will try to attract you by showing how fresh their fish are. You can even see the owners filleting the fish you choose. Sometimes, they give you extra fish or sea food as a sign of their kindness.


4. Burn, Baby, Burn – Clubbing

Seoul is a city that never sleeps, because young people burn their passion in clubs during night times. Hongdae is a famous area for clubbing of young people, especially college students. Club ‘NB2’ is managed by YG entertainments. So, if you are lucky, you can see some of YG artist there! Also, there are many 24 hour open cafes in Hongdae for clubbers who want to take a rest after clubbing. Gangnam is another hot place for clubbing. As there are a lot of companies’ offices in Gangnam area, usually people over 25 go clubbing after work. Club ‘Octagon’ located in Gangnam ranked in the 6th place of the world’s best club in 2015.


5. Put your feet in the cold water of Cheonggyecheon!

Cheonggyecheon is a stream going through the northern part of Seoul. There used to be many stores along the stream, but it was restored at 2005 by Seoul city hall. After the restoration project, Cheonggyecheon and its near area became cleaner and more organized. You can even see fish swimming in the water. Many people have visited Cheonggyecheon during summer, and sometimes people put their feet in the water.


6. Time-slip to the past: Korean folk village

You can experience how people from the past lived by visiting Korean folk village. Real traditional houses were built and actors were hired to play the roles of people from the past. Instead of just seeing the ancient artifacts in museums, you can be a part of the lives of the commoners from the past. Do you like to visit the Korean folk village? Click here!


7. Be the Shopaholic!

Shopping is something you must not miss while you are in Korea. There are numerous shopping places in Seoul from underground shopping complexes in subway stations to elegant shops in department stores. Myeongdong is one of the most popular shopping areas as most of famous brands in Korea are placed there. Dongdaemun is famous for reasonably priced items. Several shopping complexes are built in this area, providing young and casual style clothes for young people and tourists. Garosugil has risen as a trendy shopping area filled with small boutique shops of unique styles.

8. Enjoy exotic cuisines in Itaewon

Itaewon is the most international place in Seoul where the cultures from many countries gather together. It is like a small village of the world. There are many restaurants specialized in authentic traditional dishes of various countries. Especially, Zelen is a Bulgarian restaurant run by chef. Michael who has been popular in Korean cooking TV shows.

9. What will you buy as souvenirs? – Insadong

Good souvenirs will make you a thoughtful and caring person among others around you. Insadong is a street filled with shops selling Korean traditional items perfect for souvenirs. From small items like a key chain to big ones like a piece of furniture, you can purchase almost anything. Sometimes the price of the identical items differs from a shop to a shop, so always search more to make economic purchase. Besides, there are many good museums and galleries in Insadong to look around.


10. Irresistible yummy Street foods

You can easily find vendors selling street foods in Korea. Korean’s street foods have their own charm that can’t be replaced by restaurants’ meals. We bet that street vendors selling local street foods will catch you with the mouthwatering smell and look. Gwangjang market is a famous place where you can enjoy classic local foods like mungbean pancake and sliced raw beef sashimi. Noryangjin is the place where you can have really good meals with cheap prices. Most of dishes are around 5,000 won or below. Street foods in Hongdae are trendy and experimental like their fashion style. Do you like to eat Korean street foods? Click here!

11. Hot as hell – Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang is a Korean sauna. You can go into rooms with high temperature and emit your toxic things by sweating. There are many types of rooms: Red clay room, Ice room, Crystal room and so on. Before you go into the Jjimjilbang, you have to use a public bath in full nudity. However, don’t worry! The public bath is a common thing in Korea and people don’t care how others’ bodies look like. You can order boiled eggs with Korean traditional rice drink – sikhye – as snacks in the Jjimjilbang. Dragon Hill Spa is the most famous Jjimjilbang in Korea.


12. Workout during traveling – Climbing Bukhan Mountain

You may think that Seoul is the city of the high technology. Then you are half right. Surrounded by mountains, Seoul is also an eco-friendly city where you can enjoy nature. One good way is to hike Bukhan Mountain located in the northern part of Seoul. There are several courses to hike Bukhan Mountain, but most of them usually take about 4~5 hours. If you get tired during climbing the mountain, visit Buddhism temples built on the mountain. Unlike temples in the middle of the city, the temples isolated in Bukhan Mountain are more peaceful and reflective.


13. Experience North Korea through DMZ tour

Korea has been divided into South and North Korea after the Korean civil in 1950s. At the border between South and North Korea, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was set to prevent any invasion and is currently controlled by dispatched UN soldiers. With your ID, you can have a tour in DMZ guided by the soldiers. You can go to Dora observatory to see North Korean villages, the third tunnel built by North Korean soldiers, and the joint security area Panmunjom. DMZ tour is carried outside Seoul. (only 30 mins driving away distance) Do you like to have DMZ tour? Click here!

14. Do you enjoy going on the rides in amusement Parks?

There are 3 big amusement parks in or near Seoul – Lotte World, Everland, Seoul Land. Lotte World has many thrilling rides, visited by young people mostly. Everland also has many ride like Lotte World, but there are a zoo, a botanical garden and a glamping place in Everland. Seoul Land has many exciting yet less thrilling rides, targeting families with children. Along with rides and additional attractions, various festivals are being held with numerous events in these amusement parks. Do you like to visit the Everland? Click here!

시청 스케이트

15. Be Yuna Kim in City hall’s ice rink!

When winter comes, Seoul city hall opens an ice skating rink in front of the Seoul Plaza for Seoul citizens. Usually it opens from 10 AM to 10PM and the entrance fee is 1,000 won per hour including ice skate shoes rental. Next to the rink, various booths are installed to offer additional entertainments for the visitors.

여의도 벚꽃

16. Imagine the sky covered with cherry blossom flowers in Yeouido

Spring is a romantic season, but what makes it more romantic is walking under cherry blossom trees. Yeouido has a road where a row of the cherry blossom tress stand along the way. Millions of people visit this road during the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Flower Festival in April. We recommend you to visit there in night as there would be less people and the cherry blossom flowers gleam dreamily under the street lights.


17. Small picnic at Hanriver

Hanriver is a perfect place to chill out in the summer. Feeling the cool breeze from Hanriver, you can have a nice little vacation without leaving Seoul. Delivery foods are another attractive point of this outdoor picnic at Hanriver. The best menu is always chicken with beer! You can just call any restaurant and tell where you are sitting. Sitting on a picnic mat, you can eat or even take a nap. Also, many night performances are held during the evening time By the way, be careful not to be bit by mosquitoes. You may need to bring a bug bite ointment or mosquito repellents.


18. Cleans your body and mind through a temple stay

Wanna have a healing time? You don’t need to go out Seoul for finding your inner peace. You can join a temple stay operating in Seoul. Forgetting all the complicated and loud things surrounding you, you can relax and focus on ‘Yourself.’ In temples located in Seoul such as Gilsangsa, Hwagyesa, and Bongeunsa, you will learn basic temple manners and the way of life harmonized with nature through the guide of monks.


19. Explore the hometown of K-pop

Seoul would be the most fascinating city among K-pop lovers. If you wait front of the buildings of big entertainment companies like YG, SM and JYP, you may see your beloved stars commuting. You can even visit performance halls like Klive or SM artium where you can see K-pop hologram concerts anytime. Also a lot of K-pop concerts are held in big stadiums in Seoul, giving you opportunities to participate in Koreans’ famous crowd sing-along. There are several lessons teaching you how to sing and dance like K-pop stars as well. Do you like to have the K-pop lesson? Click here!


20. Enjoy Seoul life 24 hour

As Koreans love to play even at night, many shops and facilities are 24 hour open. Usually in crowded areas like Hongdae and Gangnam, cafes open 24 hours to give clubbers places to rest. Buses whose names start with the alphabet ‘N’ are night buses that runs during night, providing convenience to Seoul citizens. If you are hungry around 1 or 2 am, then run to any convenient stores. They are always 24 hours open even in national holidays.

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