Top 10 Korean Snacks You Must Taste!


Have you ever been to a snack section in a big Korean supermarket? Endless stacks of snacks with vibrant wrapping must be alluring you, right? For those who have difficult time choosing which snack to buy, here are top 10 unique Korean snacks that you would find very interesting!


1. Goraebap (고래밥)

Goraebap means ‘a whale’s food.’ Goraebap is a package of small fried chips with chili seasoning. As the name of the snack shows, the small pieces are shaped in marine animals such as goldfish, squid, shark, and star fish. Even though they all taste the same, you may find a certain shape tastier.


2. Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

The most beloved school snack, Tteokbokki is chopped rice cakes that are stir-fried with a hot chili sauce. Snack Tteokbokki uses a sweet spicy sauce that tastes like real Tteokbokki. I bet you’ve never tried this kind snack anywhere before!


3. Chaltteok Pie (찰떡파이)

Don’t expect something like normal pies that you can see anywhere, as chaltteok means a chewy rice cake. This snack is a collaboration of Korean chewy rice cake with chocolate. Shaped like a thin moon pie, white rice dough is covered with thick chocolate. You will be surprised by how well the chocolate and the rice cake harmonize together in your mouth.


4. Ojingeo Ttangkong (오징어 땅콩)

Ojingeo Ttangkong means squid peanut. Even if you don’t understand the Korean name on the wrapping, you can guess something fishy from the snack wrapping. Ojingeo Ttangkong is bite- sized balls with peanuts inside. It does smell quite fishy but try with beer. The slight salty flavor of this Ojingeo Ttangkong will change your mind when it’s with beer!


5. Goguma Ggang (고구마깡)

Can you imagine a snack with a sweet potato flavor? Goguma Ggang (meaning sweet potato snack) is a steady selling snack in Korea. Covered with sweet honey sauce, fried sweet potato sticks will make you eat on and on. There are Yangpa Ggang (Onion snack) and Gamja Ggang (Potato snack) as the two other versions of the “Ggang” series.


6. Berjib Pizza (벌집핏자)

Berjib pizza is pizza flavored chips with the shape of beehive. When you open the snack, you may wonder whether the snack actually tastes like pizza, but when you try it, you can picture a slice of pizza in your mouth.


7. Yanggaeng (양갱)

If you have seen the movie ‘Snowpiercer,’ you would think that this snack looks like a protein block from the movie. However, this suspiciously looking snack is made of red beans. With the water that boiled red beans, sugar and flour are steamed together to make this sweet snack. And it’s chewy like jelly.


8. Choco Cone (초코콘)

If you are a chocolate addict, this Choco Cone is your must eat item! Soaked in deep rich chocolate, Choco Cone has a crispy texture that makes you want to touch the chocolate heaven. There are many chocolate snacks similar to this one, so choose the brand that satisfies you the most!


9. Butter Waffle (버터와플)

This snack indeed looks like a waffle and nothing seems special about this snack. However, when it comes to its taste, you can actually savor the rich yet not greasy flavor of butter in this crispy snack. Surprisingly, Butter Waffle is one of the most beloved snacks by foreigners who visit Korea.


10. Jochung Yugua (조청유과)

Jochung yugua is fried rice sticks with sweet honey syrup. It doesn’t have any pungent flavor, but you won’t get tired of eating this simple and plain rice flavored snack.

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