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Vegan Bathroom Products – Lush

Ever since I discovered that the BodyShop had been bought by L’Oreal, notorious for their animal-testing, I can’t bring myself to purchase from them anymore. Peta has assured the public that the Bodyshop will continue to sell products free from animal-testing and in some cases free from animal derived ingredients, but why give L’Oreal any money? Even Aveda, a brand that was almost entirely vegan (apart from some products containing lanolin or beeswax) is owned by Estee Lauder who routinely test on animals. It can be difficult to live an ethical lifestyle with the plethora of deceptive marketing.

If we disapprove of the ethics of major corporations, should we boycott all of their brands? This is particularly difficult in the case of L’Oréal, the biggest cosmetics company in the world. Their brands includes everything from natural hair care staple Garnier to the 100 per cent vegan hair care brand Pureology.  The solution is Lush.

Lush offer a range of vegan soaps which smell so good you’ll want to eat them up and you probably could as they contain natural ingredients.

My favourite soaps are the sumptuous smelling Lust, Sultana and the more masculine Sea Vegetable. They also have an amazing range of shampoo bars and conditioners which look and feel similar to a soap bar  yet last longer than liquid shampoo minus the packaging.

As I’m not a heavy make-up user, I tend to visit Lush for lipsticks and soaps, balms and scrubs, and of course beautiful gifts.  Just be sure your purchase is vegan as a few items contain lanolin or honey. Items which are vegan are identified with our beloved .

Unfortunately Lush are an England based company so their products travel long distances to make it to our stores, probably no further than other international brands but certainly more than I’d like. Ideally, vegan products would be made and distributed locally, but as this is not the case I believe it is better to buy ethical products than local ones.

Busan Lush Location

You will find Lush on the 7th floor of the Lotte Shopping Centre in Centum City (subway #206), next to Shinsegae. It’s tucked away in the corner out of view of the escalators.
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