Things I Like Thursday – Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (BAPS)

Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary, BAPS for short, has been a mainstay of community support and foreign canine love for 3 years. It is entirely volunteer supported, and operates under the guidance of giving and gentle people - Jin Young and Leo Mendoza.

Located in the boon-docks of Busan, BAPS was established by four compassionate people who saw the need for intervention and took action when a dog hoarder abandoned 125 dogs. The dogs had been living in tiny cages, in filthy conditions and had developed behavioral and social problems.

Jin Young with two content pups

Since the creation of the Sanctuary and with veterinary care, affection and a lot of hard work, those 125 dogs and countless others have had a safe and comfortable home.

 Giving orders – orders ignored

The dogs excitedly welcome volunteers, walkers and dog lovers on weekly volunteer days, usually Saturday, when the pups are treated to long walks in the surrounding hills and bush. Dogs have the opportunity to act on their instincts, by sniffing every single piece of bark or blade of grass and peeing to mark their territory.

2011 was a big one for BAPS. Not only were many adorable dogs fostered and adopted, but the shelter itself moved when the lease on the land ran out and was unable to be renewed.


The outdoor play pens at the original BAPS location.

 Cages being torn down on the day of the move.

Making new friends. They’re not as chatty as I am.


BAPS was also present at the Haeundae Grand Hotel’s Christmas Bazaar where they sold dried doggie snacks, dog clothing (it’s pretty cold in Winter) photo’s with Santa and brilliant 2012 calendars featuring the dogs from BAPS and their stories. This fundraiser raised 1.5 million won (US 1,500) for the sanctuary’s operational costs.

If you live in the area check out their facebook page, otherwise seek out a shelter near you.  Shelters and Sanctuaries provide a vital lifeline for lost and mistreated animals. A little help from you could mean a world to an unloved animal.
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