Tempura and Dukbokki Sauce

This is fast becoming my street food of choice: Assorted pieces of deep fried what-nots (generally octopus tentacles, slices of sweet potato and mini kimbaps) smothered in deokbokki sauce and eaten with a cocktail stick underneath a tarpaulin.

After a certain time of day, I literally can’t walk past one of these places without stopping in for a bite. If you find a good one, the batter will be nice and crisp and you will get the occaisonal surprise item (such as deep fried chilli stuffed with glass noodles.)

This one outside Jukjeon station was so-so. The tempura looked like it had been sitting there for a while and the deokbokki sauce was nothing special. At 2000 won a plate, however, you can’t really complain. I’m now on a mission to find the best tempura tent in town!