Templestay – Jingwangsa Temple (Seoul)

The Templestay Program at Jingwangsa Temple in Seoul. (Picture Courtesy of the Templestay Website).

Introduction to Temple

Jingwangsa Temple is beautifully located in northern Seoul on Mt. Samgaksan. The temple grounds are large and they have beautiful temple shrine halls like the Daeung-jeon Hall that’s framed nicely by the backing mountain peaks. Also, you can enjoy the stream that flows next to the temple. Jingwangsa Temple is a harmonious blend of both nature and Buddhism found in the capital of Korea.

Jingwangsa Temple offers just one Templestay program. This program focuses on a temple tour, relaxation, and a tea ceremony. It’s a perfect program for those wanting to have a little time to themselves.


On the Seoul subway system, you’ll need to take line #3 and get off at the Yeonsinnae station. Go out exit #3 and transfer to Bus #7211 or Bus #701. You’ll need to get off at the “Jingwangsa-ap” stop. From here, walk 10 minutes towards the temple.

Or you can take Seoul subway line #3 to Gupabal station and go out exit #4. From here, you’ll need to board Bus #704. Again, get off at the “Jingwangsa-ap” stop. From here, walk 10 minutes towards the temple.

Templestay Program

Jingwangsa Temple only conducts one Templestay program at their facilities. This is the Relish the Nature Program. The program requires 15 participants to take place. Here is their schedule:

10:30-11:00Arrival and Temple Tour
11:00-11:50Discovering Jingwansa Temple
11:50-12:00Rest Time
12:00-12:50Monastic Meal (Lunch)
12:50-13:30Tea Ceremony
13:30Check Out

(The schedule may be subject to change)

Temple Information

Address: 73 Jingwan-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 03308

Tel: 02-388-7999

E-mail: [email protected]


Relish the Nature Program – adults – 60,000 won; students (up to 18 years of age) – 60,000 won

*The cancellation policy is as follows: 3 days before: 100% refund; 2 days before: 70% refund; 1 day before: 50% refund; day of: 0% refund.


Reservations for the Relish the Nature Program

Jingwangsa Temple during the winter. (Picture courtesy of the Templestay Website).