Teacher’s Day with an Athletic Twist


School Sports Day

Teacher’s Day this year was a bit different then last year’s. We started school with Sports Day. The girls got to compete against each other in jump rope, tug a war, and relay races. Of course you can’t show class pride without having wacky fun uniforms to cheer in.


I asked my student what her sign said. Basically it said to NOT hold your bangs down while running so you can run faster. No lie, it cracked me up because I know EXACTLY what she means. 


One of my old students who is in 3rd grade now. She was so small and cuuuute when I taught her, and now she’s about to be taller than me. They grow so fast! 

Samsung Lions Baseball Game

If you know me, you know I am not a huge fan of sports. But here is a list of why professional baseball games are sooo much cooler in Korea:

  • A baseball game ticket was 10,000 WON (about $9)
  • You are encouraged to bring food from outside. That is the first thing we noticed. There were fried chicken stands everywhere right outside the stadium. We got a bucket, along with cold beer that they gave us in a small portable cooler that we could keep. A box of chicken plus 4 beer cans and 1 small bottle of soju for 12,000 WON  (about $11)
  • There are no real nosebleed seats, the field is so close that any seat is pretty darn good. 
  • There is k-pop blaring every few minutes, usually a player’s theme song.
  • Their mascot is an awesome dancer!  (I personally found him a wee bit creepy)