Taco de Mayo is more than just an awesome name.

Taco de Mayo chicken taco

Operating from various locations along Itaewon’s main drag, Taco de Mayo is Seoul’s newest and most fun food truck. It’s also fast becoming my go-to place for satisfying, post-pub street food.

Run by friends Michael and Gee, the truck actually started life serving burgers in Gangnam in December. However, after becoming frustrated with the lack of parking, the pair quickly decided to relocate to Itaewon. There, they felt the large international crowd would be more in tune with their orginal aim: to serve authentic, late-night tacqueria-style Mexican food.

Taco de Mayo hot sauce

So far it looks like they’re succeeding. Micheal took lessons in Mexican cookery from a friend’s mother who used to own a Mexican restaurant, so the food has firm roots in the style it emulates. Tacos come thick and fast with a choice of chicken or steak, mozzarella cheese (queso de chihuahua is unavailable in Korea,) pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro, jalepenos and homemade hot sauce. Burritos tick most of the same boxes with the addition of rice and salad, and I’m told french fries are on the way once they install a gas fryer.


But Taco De Mayo is more than just good Tacos. Crucial to the equation are the guys themselves. Michael and Gee create a fun, welcoming atmosphere. They twitter their location nightly and like to post party pictures of their customers on their website the next day.

My advice is to get down to Taco de Mayo now. I’ve got a feeling that once the warm weather blows in, they’ll be occupying the most popular section of pavement in Itaewon!

Website: tacodemayo.com

Twitter twitter/tacodemayo