Swollen Face, Tired Hair

As opposed to simply telling me that I looked like I hadn't slept in three days like they usually do, a couple of my students decided that today was the day to get creative. The first asked me why my face was "swollen", and the second advised me that I had "tired hair". The first laughed at the second and informed her that the hair comment was rather rude. The swollen face comment? Totally acceptable, apparently.

Honestly, being told that I look like an exhausted bag of crap every day, even on those rare occasions that I don't, doesn't really bug. It bores. I do often look like a tired bag of crap. Given how little I try to appear otherwise, I'm quite okay with this. I just wish that I could train the few students that are still stuck on this point to say more interesting things. As it is, they mean well, so I smile and nod; a boring response.


What's your point in sharing

What's your point in sharing this information on an internet forum? The best advice I'll give you is that you should probably seek professional help, it's probably going to make you feel better than complaining about your fate.

 i really like reading

 i really like reading barbie's blog.  it's cynical and bitchy - every woman feels that way sometimes.  plus, a blog is for creative expression.  i'd bet that a girl who is willing to give a voice to the bitch inside in a fun and creative way probably has a lot of fantastic qualities.  i don't think it means she hates korea or herself. 

on the other hand,  writing mean-spirited comments about another person's blog seems like a waste of time and a show of bad character.  bitch on, barbie!  we love it.

 While I'm not sure that all

 While I'm not sure that all women feel cynical and bitchy sometimes, busanandi is mostly correct: I'm basically fantastic. Thank you.