Sweet potato chips

Sweet potatoes are a big feature of Korean street food. They are used to make glass noodles for dishes such as japchae,  and in winter they are often baked whole  in little stoves. Another use for sweet potatoes is sweet potato chips. These are made by deep frying long thin “chips” of sweet potato until golden and crunchy.

To be honest, I’ve always given these things a wide berth. They never really look that appealing, and most of the time I see them they look like they have been sitting around for ages. Recently however, while wandering the Nampodong area of Busan (which in my opinion is the best place for street food in the city) I came across a vendor slicing and frying them on the spot and decided to get stuck in

I have to say they were quite addictive, but I got nowhere near finishing the massive bag I got and I soon abandoned them completely when I spied one of my favourite pajeon stalls up ahead.