Surfing in the USA? No, Surfing in Korea!

Surfing is something quite common in the Western countries, but not as common in Korea because of the lack of strong waves or even the culture. But recently, passionate Korean surfers as well as foreigners started to dig the perfect surfing spots, which then made surfing pretty popular.

And of course, Trazy is now offering travelers the chance to experience it!

One of our Trazy users, Hui Jeong R went surfing on one fine day in Songjeong Beach, Busan. Let’s hear her story! :)


Take Line 2 metro to Suyeong, Exit 5. Go Straight around 200 M and you’ll find a bus stop. Take the bus 1001, 1003 and get off at Songjeong beach. Walk about 15 minutes toward Songjeong beach. It is located beside the Angel in us cafe.


Songjeong Surfing school‘s instructor was very detailed in giving us the instruction on how to enjoy surfing on the wave. There are 5 steps you need to learn about how to ride the surfing board. We get to wear a full body suit!

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As the wave in the Songjeong beach isn’t too high, it’s not so difficult to learn how to ride it as a first timer. What we learned in the first course was how to catch the wave and stand on the board for 2 hours. In my case, I have short arms compared to my leg and full body, so it was hard to stand on the board. But the instructor taught me another way to stand on the board and I finally did “surf”! There is a 15 min break time in between the class.

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Songjeong surfing school is a great place to learn how to ride surfing within a few hours. Around the beach, there are even a couple restaurants and snack bars that will be able to serve you some delicacies if you get hungry while you are there! :)

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