Suggestions and Drinking at Work

1. The Korea Herald published a brief article today announcing that the Prime Minister's office is requesting suggestions from expats on changes that need to be made to regulations that discriminate against foreigners or procedures that are particularly difficult for foreigners.  I find this slightly silly. Why don't they listen to all of the recommendations that the international human rights organizations have been making for the past few years or maybe, I don't know, read all of the articles regarding the issues in the newspapers just from the past year.  Maybe the office doesn't read any of the foreign language newspapers.

2. Today was the retirement party and farewell ceremony. I kind of wish someone had told me about it more than an hour before it started.  I thought today was 100% desk warming so I wore jeans instead of work pants like all of the teachers usually do on desk warming days. Granted I had on a collared shirt and sweater but still. I looked a wee bit out of place next to the teachers who were well put together for the event. The ceremony was an exercise in self control to stay awake since it was an hour of speeches that I couldn't understand. I did successfully look up the words for every sign in the room on my cell phone dictionary though. Then we went out for an enormous lunch where the soju, plum wine, beer and whiskey flowed like water. I did not get drunk but there was a definite happy loosening involved. The few parents from the parent's association who were there were impressed with my adventurous eating. What can I say, I like Korean food.

The Korean newspapers have been chock full of articles about the Olympics-- and having almost zero interest in competitive sports this leaves me a little dry for article ripping. Not to mention that the Korea Times website appears to be down and I can't get a paper version in Yangsan. :( :( Fail!