Student Writing Sample: Goals for the New School Year

What are your goals for the new school year? Think of two large, general goals and three small, specific goals. Tell me what those goals are improtant to you and what you will do to achieve them.

“Fighting!” is a common expression of encouragement in Korea.

I have two large goals in this year. First, improve in the high school records and sham examination. Second, improve in my physical strength. I think a large number of high school students in Korea have goal to improve in the high school records. But my second goal is different. Because I’m a student in the Ulsan Sports Science High School, also I will have physical training test. Therefore physical strength is an important part. I’m a developing athlete, so this is a great goal to me.

To the exception of two large goals, I have three small goals. First, be a punctual person. I don’t want to be late. I think being late is equal damage to others. Accordingly I will promise the punctuality. Second, improve my sham examination grade. High school students in Korea have to take a practice test four times every year to prepare for the sham examination. The sham examination is a test for going to college. The test for going to college is very important because our college is decided by our test grade. So I want to improve sham examination grade for going to college. Third, memorize thirty English word every day. I am bad at English. One of the reasons is “English words.” If we don’t know enough English words, interpretation would be hard. In addition, when I write essay, I can’t write by myself, but help the dictionary. So I memorize English word every day.                                  ~ High School 2nd year student

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