Some catching up on news around Korea

After a nice long weekend with the computer off, it's time to catch up with the news around the area. While a few are kind of laughable, most are worth noting:

  • The Seoul mayor wants to improve living conditions for foreigners, according to an interview with the Korea Times. Let's start with reducing or eliminating the huge key money deposits, or at the very least make it easier for people to get their key money back from their landlord.
  • Today's 'lazy reporter' award goes to the Chosun Ilbo for reporting "90% percent of Korean women would have plastic surgery", according to a straw poll of an immense and well-balanced sample - "232 women in their 20s and 30s who visited the website of matchmaking specialist Duo". Hmm - telling girls they're fat when they're already skinny or implying that they're not already beautiful might induce that sort of anxiety or lack of confidence...
  • The Korean baseball season ended up with a thrilling 9th inning home run in Game 7, and the Kia Tigers from Gwangju have won the championship. Kimchi and Cornbread did a nice write-up, as well as ROK Sojourn and Brian in Jeollanam-do.
  • A K-blogger has made his way onto for covering the Seoul Fashion Show - congrats Michael Hurt from the Metropolitican!
Now that the news is caught up, time to get back to my usual posts: life in Korea and traveling around the city / country.

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