*S*H*O*P*P*I*N*G ~ Daejeon's 'Old Down Town'

One of my favouite things about Korea has got to be the shopping! The colours are fantastic, and the fashion...well lets just say that nearly every girl here looks like she has stepped off the runway :) The best thing about most of the stores they cheap! Obviously the bigger brand names are expensive, more so than South Africa, but the smaller boutique's! I could get lost in them for days :)
So i've decided to dedicate this post to the best places to go shopping in Daejeon:

1. Old Downtown (Eunheng-dong area).

There are two places here, one underground, and the other above ground. The underground shopping has hundreds of cute and unique stalls, while above ground has some of the bigger stores like Apple Store and Zara, and a whole bunch of sporty shoe shops. And of course, a million coffee shops/ restaurants, bars and clubs :)


Subway:  get off at Jungang-no  station (number 105 just before Daejeon Station), and then just follow the hoards of people! You can get go above ground any time by going up the stairs situated along the walkway at different places.

By bus to Jungano Subway Station: # 1, 101, 103, 201, 201, 317, 511, 613, 615, 701 (then just go underground via the big green stairs in front of you)

By bus to DownTown 'above ground' area: # 2, 103, 107, 201, 311, 313, 514, 603, 612, 615, 701 

Happy Shopping!