The Sexuality of a Back

For an end of the year treat, my co-teacher and I decided to show a movie for the last English class. I posted online, requesting that my friends/fellow teachers recommend things that worked best for them in the past. Resoundingly, people suggested Mr. Bean because much the humor is possible to understand without words (ie slapstick) and the vocabulary is fairly basic so that you even need to use subtitles. The kids loved it! However, my co-teacher ended up asking me not to play one of the episodes again for the next class because it showed a naked back, not the butt, just from the waist to the head. In the scene, Mr. Bean is in an art class and is very embarrassed by the nudity, which we never see, only his comic aversion to it. My co-teacher's comment was that public schools are very conservative and that the parents might complain.  I think this might be over kill but I wonder what the standards are in general between different countries.

In other words, I'm desk warming for the afternoon while the students are in a graduation rehersal. I have already laminated about a hundred flash cards. I want to go home!

Spaz update: aside from running out of real coffee this morning, none.