Seuldo Island – Landscape Photography South Korea

With the cool weather finally arriving in South Korea, you can feel that fall has finally arrived in South Korea. It is certainly one of my favourite seasons and it is arguably one of the best seasons for landscape photography. Thanks to later sunrises, it was easier to get out to the ocean for this shoot and capture the amazing colours.

This time around I met up with Busan’s top photographer, Lee Kelly. He normally takes amazing photos of interesting people, Lee wanted to capture a beautiful sunrise to test his skills. I was more than happy to meet up with him and get some shots in as well.

Coupled with his trusty sidekick Bailey the golden retriever, We ventured to the island of Seuldo in Ulsan, South Korea. This is a wonderful spot at all times of the day and it is easily accessible as well. Rather than shoot the lighthouses as I normally do, we walked towards Daewangam and made sure that we were lined up with the sunrise.

We made use of the natural rock formations along the coast for foreground elements and composed our shots. It was a great time and I was happy to meet up with a good friend. If you want to check out Lee’s work you can find him on instagram here.

If you are looking for photo from Ulsan, Busan, Seoul and anywhere in between, Just let me know and I can show you what I’ve got!

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