I few weeks ago I mentioned that I finally joined the teacher volleyball game on Wednesdays and the volleyball workshop on Mondays for the athletically challenged. On Monday I walked away with matching lumpy bruises on my wrists from learning how to 'dig' properly but had yet to complete a successful serve...even from the handicap line. I did manage to hit a few windows though.  At least I didn't break anything.  Today I actually served and got them over the net from the REGULAR LINE. Not just once but about half of my serves were successful. My coworkers shared my glee and high-fived me over the serving success.

We might not be able to communicate very well but joining the weekly volleyball events has helped me feel like part of the staff instead of the strange English monkey.  I get more enthusiastic greetings in the hallway and the people who speak a little bit of English make more of an effort to try out their phrases on me.  It makes life less lonely.  Not to mention it means that I get to stop working at 3 instead of 4:40 on Wednesdays. 

Spaz update: I definitely jinxed myself yesterday. I managed to hit both myself and my co-teacher in the face during volleyball. Not at the same time (though wouldn't that be an impressively spastic feat) and thankfully I didn't break her glasses or cause any bleeding.  I would feel more terrible about this if she hadn't managed to hit herself in the face twice later in the game. Spastic English teachers unite!

I love my life.