Saffron Restaurant

If you think halal food only exist in Itaewon area, Seoul, you are wrong.
I managed to find one in Myeong-dong area, a restaurant called Saffron.

Outside of the restaurant, states Royal Arabian Cuisine.
However, I personally think the food choices is more towards Pakistani cuisine.
I think there are little Arabic selection, however I was way too hungry to delve more.
And of course, I must not expect the same as real Arabian food.

What I love most in this restaurant, is the sophisticated setting of Arabian decoration.
Wall and floor are intricately embossed with designs.
Luxurious tableware with lots of wood and metal carvings, softly lit with Arab lamp. 
Following tradition, there are family and non-family area, although the family area are being placed near the wall partition with lightly draped cloth.
If you wonder how restaurant Arab looks like, most of it looks like this.
(However in Saudi, cloth are being replaced by wood partition)

We ordered, Pakistani food: beryani and curry.

Food taste is great.
I personally love the chicken curry and beryani.
The curry we had is not so spicy and strong, which is not much of Pakistani cuisine.
This is just my personal thought, as I am no expert in this matter too.

However, don't let the luxurious ambiance fool you, price-wise is affordable.
I would say, middle-price range for foreign restaurant
Expect to pay about KRW 25,000 - 30,000  for one person.

How to go here:
It's located in a building next to Ibis Hotel Myeong-dong.
If you happen to walk around Myeong-dong area, find Krispy Kreme. 
There's an alley next to it, and walk straight inside.
You can see the restaurant on your left.