Review: Missha line friends magic cushion foundation

OK, so finding the perfect foundation is the hardest struggle for any make up lovers. I have used couple of foundations, cake make up, BB cream, CC cream even pan stick. From those experience I know, the struggle is much harder if you have oily skin. I don’t know, but I heard it’s same for those with combination skin type too. After moving in Korea, my skin broke out suddenly. One of the Bangladeshi Sister here then suggested me to stop using the products I brought from Bangladesh. So, I did. As you all know, Korean BB cream is famous in world wide. I bought one, it’s actually good! It gives you the perfect coverage, and gets set in your face quickly. While my make up routine was getting better, my skin was getting worse. Searching google and with the help of internet, I came to know that for oily skin some times the culprit for acne is your BB CREAM!! Because it’s too light, and often gets your skin clogged with dirt and debris in your pores which eventually gives the CYSTIC ACNE :'( I know how pathetic to have a cystic acne, I am a sufferer. -_- And Indeed I was having them while using my favorite BB cream. :(

So, I had to find one alternative foundation. Again a little google search and research I learned about MISSHA LINE FRIENDS MAGIC CUSHION FOUNDATION. MISSHA is one of the the very popular brands in Korea. And it’s available in a mart near my house. So, I thought I would give it a try. ;)

The foundation comes with a compact case, with an extra refill and applicator; They gave me a hand mirror as a gift too ;) That’s the thing  I love about buying Korean products. They often gives you something additionally. <3 The product cost me 11,600 Korean Won. And trust me, it was totally worth it ;)

Now about the foundation, there’s a sponge saturated with foundation. You need to dab your applicator on the sponge and then just apply it on your face with little patting. :D It sets so quickly! And the most important thing is, it’s so moist. When you apply in your face you will feel it. <3 And most amazing thing is it gives you a matte finish at the end. Girls like us with oily skin, we all know most of the times we feel like, our face is LIVE OIL MINE when we put foundation type things on! -_- And what we want to avoid most is the muddy or dewy look when applying make up! :/ :/ Now, admit it, that part consumes a lot time of your make up routine. It’s not possible everyday to spend much time on make up if you need to go to work or college or university. So, it’s always better to have something which can save your time.

Magic cushion gets powdery at the end, so you don’t need to use much loose powder or compact powder to set it off. Once you applied it, give that a little tapping, and you are done! <3

There’s a little drawback in it. It gives you a powdery finish at the end. It doesn’t set on the scabby or irritated skin portion. But others than that it’s a very good one. :) ^_^ So far, it’s the best everyday foundation I’ve used. <3

It comes in two shade. Shade 21 & shade 23. I have brown skin, so I chose shade 23. You can choose shade 21 if it suites you!