Remembering Pat


Busan has lost a good friend. Patrick Cole died on November 6, 2014.   To some, he was a willing listener and level-headed counselor to their drunken ramblings. To others, he was a friendly curmudgeon who could be biting and sweet in the same sentence. To everyone who got to know him, he is someone who touched our lives in a postive way. 

There will be a memorial wake on Saturday, November 15 at Ol’55.  We will post  details here as soon as they are finalized. There are a lot of fond remembrances being shared on his Facebook page and in bars and homes around the city.  Please feel free to share stories and photos here as well.

Patrick, you will be missed - with a few tears, a lot of smiles, and likely, quite a few 500cc lifted in your memory. 

A few comments from Facebook...

My heart is so heavy for the loss of this wonderful man who made Busan such a beautiful home for so many people.
- Bee

Busan has lost one of its best today. You were the king of the quick put down, but always spoke the truth and gave it to me and everyone else straight. Won't be the same without you here. You will be missed.

Patrick was forever an advocate of making bad decisions, in the best way.
- Alex

We could talk each other's ears off or sit for 12 hours in silence. Patrick Cole I know you'd be pissed at me for cryin, so let's just chill in silence. I love you.
- Kate were a wonderful, sweet man, with infinite patience for silly, drunk me on more occasions than I can count.
- April

Thank you for your friendship, your late night pep talks, and your generosity. You are loved and cherished by so many. Rest in peace, my friend.

Pat was a great friend, with a great laugh, a great smile, a great ear, and a great big heart. I can't count the times he listened to me, offered sage advice, and made me giggle with his wry jokes.
- Lindsay

A great guy, a great friend, a lover of music, a teller of tales, an ear for those in need, and a great host for great times in Busan. You will be missed!

 You were a good friend, a great listener, and gave the best hugs in the world. You were a father to many, giving advice and settling disputes from your place behind the bar. Your Busan family will miss you dearly. Many tears will be shed and glasses will be raised in your honour. And I wish I could give you one more hug.

We are going to miss you, Pat. Your generosity, pride, kindness, loyalty, and among many other things... that rapid fire laugh that made us feel like true comedians. I've never lost a friend before and you were one of the greatest. Your family here in Busan is going to miss you dearly. Rest in peace. Love you.



Re: Remembering Pat

Thank you for your kindness, I will never forget how you gave me a safe place to sit and wait when I was lost.  Your calmness and wisdom made such a profound impression on me.  You were absolutely a huge part of why I chose Busan as my home.  You treated everyone who wandered in from the cold as a friend. You were a stand up guy, Pat, and an institution in the expat community here in Busan.  I miss you, friend.