ReLEx SMILE - your best choice for laser vision correction in winter


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Here are some reasons why you should consider getting your 20/20 vision this winter with SMILE:

Avoid foggy glasses


It’s no secret that wearing glasses outside during winter causes them to fog up, especially after you come back indoors. With ReLEx SMILE you can forget about this problem and enjoy your clear vision in any weather conditions inside or outside from the next day after surgery!

Enjoy winter sports

What about winter sports? If you’ve ever tried skiing or snowboarding, you may know that it’s difficult to fit your glasses under professional equipment and it’s not long before those glasses start fogging up again.

With ReLEx SMILE surgery you will be able to get back to skiing, snowboarding, skating, visiting hot springs and other winter or extreme activities only 1 week after surgery!

Avoid spring allergies

For so many of us, springtime means allergy season. Along with it comes itchy, watery eyes that don’t work out well with contacts, thus causing more and more discomfort. By having SMILE surgery in winter you avoid these problems, as you will not have to use your contact lenses anymore.

Decrease dry eye syndrome

Dry eye is a real issue, especially in winter. Contact lenses may cause more dryness, and further discomfort such as foreign body sensation or itchiness. By eliminating the need for contacts and glasses, you can also help to manage dry eye symptoms in winter.

Use holidays or vacation to recover

While actually vision recovery after ReLEx SMILE surgery lasts only several hours, we have a lot of holidays such as Christmas, New Year, or Lunar New Year to take some rest and recover at home after surgery.

And the last but not the least reason –

BGN Eye Hospital provides maximum discounts and special dry eye treatment service for all patients who will choose one of SMILE surgeries ( BGN SMILE, TRIPLE SMILE, QUATRO SMILE) only this winter!

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