The Price is Right: COEX

Ladies and gentlemen, cue up the theme music - it's time to play that nostalgic game show from our youth - The Price is Right! Thanks to the power of the internet connecting the worlds of Korea to America, we have two fabulous Showcase Showdowns for you to bid on.

If the name of the American game show doesn't ring a bell, the rules are simple. Look at three photos, then try to guess their combined retail value (or the price you'd actually pay in the store as of today) without going over. Bidding 100,000 won for a package worth 101,000 won is superb; bidding 101,000 won for a package worth 100,000 won is a shame. In other words, bid just under what you think the actual prices are. It's better to guess low than high.

Today's items all come from the COEX Mall in Seoul - I'll have other locations for future games. Comments are open - bid on one or both showcases. Without further ado, your first showcase starts with a shirt:

Available at Zara but only in yellow, this unisex shirt invites other clubgoers (presumably those of the opposite gender) to see what's underneath. One thing you might find?

Found in the Day underwear, the matching set of underwear might help you score a trip around the world. Bid on both sets of underwear, but first, learn your geography for that round the world trip:

Available at Puzzle Zone, it's 28cm in diameter and lit up from the outside.

Bid or pass? Comment away!

The second showcase starts with a souvenir:

Available at a store called 'Miro Industrial Arts (aka a Korean souvenir store), this metal-and-glass case houses seven different coins and five different stamps. You'll need a lot more than these coins to buy some new luggage:

Bid on the one in front. Once you've packed your new luggage at elle, you'll need to brush up on your language skills, so why not pick up a language course:

Found at Bandi and Luni's, it claims to be the same course used by the U.S. government to train diplomats. So what will you bid for this second showcase? Write in the comments - I'll post a comment with the actual prices in a couple days.

Bid! Comment! Now!

No actual items are being offered as prizes. This is just a fun internet blog-thing. The only prize to be won is the satisfaction of being right.

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