Pork gets primal in Yeouido

If I’m honest, I’ve never really been much of a man’s man. I have no interest in football for example, and not much of a competitive side (except when it comes to bowling.) There are some things, however, that turn me into a grunting, knuckle dragging Neanderthal in a heartbeat. One of these is barbecue meat.

This primal side side kicked right in when I came across this pork neck outside Yeouinaru Station in Yeouido. Huge slabs of meat were rotating on a mobile rotisserie, basting in their own juices and glistening seductively. The sight and smell was incredibly overpowering, and I was practically howling with anticipation as the vendor dislodged and sliced me up a hunk.

I wasn’t disappointed. Pork neck is particularly suited to this style of cooking. The high fat content means that the meat is allowed to cook both inside and out, while the relative absence of any serious sinew makes for a tender and flavorful result in a relatively short cooking time. This was no exception – the meat was wonderfully flavored, and had a soft, tender texture that was fatty in all the right places. To top it off the pork had been lightly brushed with a glaze that added a sweet note to slightly crisp and sticky outer regions.

If you plan on crossing the road to eat this beside the river (and in my opinion there is no better place,) be sure to bring along some extras to break up the richness of the meat. The pork comes with a sachet of mustard, but it’s a good idea to pack some leaves, salt and ssamjang to get the best out of it.

This section of the river is also blessed with the sort of innovation I never knew existed, (but wasn’t at all surprised at finding in Korea) – the convenience store beer tap. This little beauty pumps out pints of ice-cold max for only 2500 won –legitimizing your public drinking and providing a suitably manly accompaniment to the pork.

Argh argh argh! (Tim the Toolman Taylor style baying.)

Pork Rotisserie – exit 4 yoeionaru station. 10 000 won for 700 grams. I can only vouch for it being there on Friday evenings but it may be there at other times (?)
Convenience store maekju – directly across the road from the pork by the park.