Poll results

Thought I'd post it for archiving purposes before the data gets washed away in cyberspace...

Results for the poll (August 2009):

(If you are a foreign English teacher in Korea) Why did you ORIGINALLY come to Korea? Is that the same reason you're still here today?

Came for the money - still true today 27 (15%)

Came for the money - no longer true 12 (6%)

Came for the experience - still true today 41 (23%)

Came for the experience - no longer true 10 (5%)

Came to be a teacher - still true today 7 (3%)

Came to be a teacher - no longer true 2 (1%)

Came to get away from home - still true today 11 (6%)

Came to get away from home - no longer true 4 (2%)

None of the above reasons 18 (10%)

I'm, uh, not a teacher in Korea 44 (25%)

Very interesting results - about what I would have guessed, except for the 'none of the above' reasons. If that's you, mind sharing?

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