Poem Dedicated to Asians


Scott Morley


Asian persuasions

Ambiguous confrontations

Constant Fixations

Terrible Temptations

Joyous Ejaculations

Bliss filled relations

Asians Asians and Asians


Blue-bottomed reindeer herders

Grain and gourd growers

Minnesotan dugout paddy pickers

Hoarding Mongol horse slickers

Slaving Apache lizard lovers


Gurkhas draped in boorkhas

Porting punkas up a steep Pun pitch

Munching sorts of radish pickles

From a small dish


Boiled soy-salted meat on soft pork feet

Or dog in a soup of sesame and leek

Wine made of horse milk, kumis is so sweet!

Momos of yak in pie crust of wheat


Gongs, and gold pagodas

Cuneiform Coca-Colas

Golden Eagles and

Yak-buttered biscuits


Seagulls, Silk and stole

Pestilence and plagues

One hundred-year old eggs

Sweet potato dregs


Bald begging bowls

Bon. Bokonon

Tibetan bulldog breeds

Wild spitz pees

Samoyed sled dogs dance


Matriarchal mommy’s thin little pants

Fringed and fishy shaman’s prance

Big foreheads – and narrow slants


Broad cheeks and seven weeks

Taught teats and tiny feets




Asia’s where my heart still beats

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scott morley